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Maisie's Makes came about   during lockdown. I was bored and had to do something with my time, so    crafting was the one thing I could do.    I started off making clothes, but soon found that   there's    only so many clothes I can hang up in a wardrobe, so then went onto making things. I am a crafter who makes all that you see on these pages.  I sew, sublimate,  and use vinyl.    I am certain there are other things I do but can't think of them just now.  ​

Craft table all set for a craft fair with craft goods on
craft of craft table at show



Do you provide International delivery?


Not at the moment as this is a new business.  Might do in the future.



How do I return an item?
If the item is faulty you firstly let me know by email .  You then take said item to post office and return via them send copy receipt to me and I will in return send you back the payment through paypal.  



What is your returns policy?


As above if faulty.    If personalised with names etc unless item is damaged or faulty there is no refund given as item has been specifically made for the buyer.

How do I track my order?


Once item is posted I will messenger you with a copy of  the receipt for postage which will give all details.   Whether it be Royal Mail or  a delivery firm.



How can I contact your couriers?


As above you will have copies of the postal receipts for contact details.



What are your delivery options?


Mostly Royal Mail but will look at other option when needed.


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